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Add-Her Pearl Necklace

About Our Start-Her Pearl Necklace

What quality of cultured pearls are used?

We import fine, premium-quality Japanese Akoya saltwater pearls – and only those we are proud to sell and that you’ll be proud to own and wear. Our cultured pearls offer good lustre, color, roundness

and few blemishes compared to lesser quality pearls on the market.


About cultured pearls

The ”seeding” of an oyster is a delicate operation performed by trained surgeons. Once seeded, oysters are returned to a container of sea water, then transferred to a mesh basket and suspended in the bay. They remain submerged for a period of two to seven years and are pampered, sheltered and cleaned regularly.


The final pearl harvest

About 50% of the Japanese Akoya saltwater pearl harvest is discarded because the oysters failed to properly secrete nacre over the nucleus and no pearls were formed. About 40-45% of the remaining harvest is considered "baroque” or out of round. The remaining 5-10% are prized, round pearls – a very small percentage when considering the time and effort to harvest billions of oysters.


Is it more expensive to buy pearls one at a time?

This is generally true, given the additional labor and cost to match individual pearls. However, you can save hundreds of dollars with our Start-Her Pearl program by taking advantage of our special offers.


What is Michaels Jewelers’ restringing policy?

When you add ten or more pearls to an existing necklace, we will string the pearls for you at no charge. Necklaces are carefully handstrung and individually knotted on pure silk. For added pearls of less than 10, we charge at our regular restringing prices.

What if my pearls don’t match?

Nature doesn’t produce identical pearls, so you can expect slight variations when buying loose pearls. We always make the best matches possible to assure uniformity between the existing and added pearls on your necklace.


How does Michaels Jewelers help me save?

Only Michaels Jewelers offers:

• FREE notification of special pearl promotions

• FREE stringing of 10 or more new additional pearls

• FREE pearl matching service

• FREE 14K white or yellow gold clasp upon completion of your necklace


Continue the tradition one pearl at a time...for any occasion