Our Story

Since 1885

With 10 locations throughout Connecticut, Michaels Jewelers is one of the state's leading merchants of diamonds and fine jewelry. Michaels Jewelers has been owned and operated by the Michaels family since 1885. In July of 2019, Camile Hannoush and family purchased the fifth generation business to continue the legacy of the Michaels brand. What differentiates Michaels Jewelers from other businesses is their ability to truly connect with customers, and provide the exceptional, compassionate service they deserve. Michaels Jewelers is proud to be a member of the American Gem Society and has been the trusted jeweler in the state of Connecticut for over 130 years. 

Founded in 1885 in Halifax, Nova Scotia by Abraham L. Michaels, it was established as a wholesale jewelry business when Abraham's son, Irving, Sr., moved the family to New York City and founded Irving Michaels & Company in 1905. Michaels' first U.S. jewelry store opened its doors in New York City in 1911. Irving, his wife, Martha, and a partner opened the first Connecticut store in New Haven in 1915 as Michaels Maurer. When the couple bought out Maurer's interest, they opened a second location in Bridgeport in 1916, a third in Waterbury in 1919 and by 1926 had expanded to Meriden, Hartford, Torrington, Bristol, and Providence, RI. In 1948, the Middletown and Manchester stores joined the empire. 

Today, you can find Michaels Jewelers in Canton, Bristol, Danbury, Orange, as well as in major malls at Westfarms, Manchester Buckland Hills, Westfield Trumbull, Meriden Mall, The SoNo Collection and Waterbury Brass Mill Center.

American Gem Society 

The American Gem Society was founded in 1934 by a small group of leading jewelers. Their goal was to create an organization that could help protect the jewelry-buying public from fraud and false advertising. Today, we’re proud to say their vision has become a reality.

Approximately 3,400 jewelers, retailers, suppliers, individual titleholders and affiliates have joined the American Gem Society and have dedicated themselves to consumer protection, ethical business practices, and development and maintenance of superior gemological skills and knowledge. AGS members adhere to the highest standards of business practices and ethics so that you can buy with confidence from jewelers you can trust. AGS Standards not only comply with governing laws, but go beyond that to ensure that you are buying from jewelers who have the knowledge and skill to help you make the most informed buying decision.

Only 1 in 20 jewelers have met the exacting requirements necessary for membership. To join AGS, every member must go through a peer-reviewed application process followed by an annual recertification exam. This process ensures that every AGS member you meet is at the top of their game, and more importantly, each one has pledged to protect you, the consumer.

Michaels joined the American Gem Society in 1958, making us one of the longest standing members. Through the years, the Michaels family took on active leadership roles within the Society.

In 1986, Irving Michaels Jr. and Richard W. Michaels were recipients of the prestigious Robert M. Shipley Award. This award is given annually to a member for outstanding service to the Society, significant contributions to the science of gemology, or exemplifying the high purposes, objectives, and ideals of the society in the member’s own community. John Michaels served as the Society’s president from 1991-1992 and was also a recipient of the Shipley Award in 1995.To learn more about the AGS, visit their website at http://americangemsociety.org