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Michaels Jewelers has one of only a few American Gem Society Accredited Gem Laboratories in Connecticut. We also have Certified Gemologist Appraisers who will perform your appraisal in a professional and concise manner.

All appraisals are done in our corporate office under ideal, safe and secure conditions to give our customers peace of mind that they will get an accurate appraisal while their property is safely in our possession. You can be assured of the proper evaluation of your jewelry for insurance replacement value, probate or donation, as well as appraisals for damage or loss. All appraisals contain complete descriptions of each item with grading, metal content, gemstone identification and a digital photo.

Some of the Types of Appraisals We Perform

Insurance Replacement

This will provide you with ample information that will ensure a replacement of equal utility, kind, quality and value. Our definitive report will assist the insurance company and/or replacement agency in providing a replacement of an item comparable to that which was lost or stolen.


This can be for conservatorship or death estates where probate taxes will need to be paid. Both will have Fair Market Values assigned to the items. Fair Market Value is the price at which property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under compulsion to buy or sell, and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.

Appraising for tax purposes is a highly specialized task that requires specific training and experience. Errors in appraising can result in serious penalties to the client, and fines can be levied against the appraiser. Michaels has the experts to help prevent this from happening.

Division of Property

This can be either for cases involving divorce or when a person wants to evenly distribute their property before their death.


This will provide you with values if you had to liquidate your property immediately and time was of the essence.


Similar to an estate appraisal, this is typically used for tax purposes when donating property.

Damage & Loss

This is used when property has been damaged and you need to establish the loss in value due to said damage.

Hypothetical Appraisal

This is a report used to determine values for lost or stolen items that were previously undocumented or poorly documented. These are typically based on the customer’s descriptions and any photos or other available information they may have.